During the latter part of 2018, I had to have laser treatment to remove abnormal cells in my right eye. In February 2019, a scan revealed a membrane was covering and thickening over the retina, obscuring my vision. To remove it would mean invasive surgery. They sent me home with drops to try. The doctor told me he was not at all sure they would make any difference but they were worth a try.

A few days before my appointment I went for prayer with one of the teams at Healing Rooms, as up until then I knew that there was no improvement in the sight of that eye. When I went for my appointment a few days later, they scanned my eye and tested my sight. The sight had improved even though the film covering the retina was still there. I chose to believe my God has begun the process of dissolving the layer and in the meantime enabling me to see through it.

Thank you Lord.