Thank you to Everyone who has supported us during the past year and throughout a strange and challenging  time of change for all of us.

We want to wish you a very happy and safe 2021.

The past months have opened up a ‘brave new world’ of ministry.  Despite traditional Healing Rooms needing to close their doors and the Market Place Healing Rooms unable to mix with the general public.  Our online connections have mushroomed with many Healing Rooms now offering Zoom prayer.  The launch of a National Prayer Line, which has been functioning 7 days a week since May and is positioned for expansion in 2021.

Also, a partnership with the International Association of Healing Ministries headed by Jean Luc Traschsel, who was scheduled to be our HREW National Conference speaker for 2020.

HREW were invited to provide the English speaking prayer for the ‘Presence’ 2020 International IAHM Conference in June, where we saw around 800 individuals from around the world call in for prayer over a four day period.

Following this event we were invited to be part of their International Healing School for nine monthly  slots, providing prayer ministry online at their monthly corporate gatherings.  This is due to finish in June 2021.

David, myself and the team at HREW Headquarters are so grateful for your prayers.

We really don’t know what this New Year will bring, and  difficult to know what will transpire given the limitations imposed by the Coronavirus situation.

We are keen that 2021 is guided in its entirety by the Holy Spirit and that as with 2020 God has surprised us with much more than we  ‘ask or even imagine’.  Long may it continue.  This I feel has been confirmed by a ‘word’ we received this past week which says “What stirs faith should not be modified by constraints formed by current circumstances.  – pushing the envelope of our vision into the arena of ‘more than we think or imagine’.”

David and Veronica